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Common Questions.

What is included in the enrollment fee?
You will receive 10 exclusive, beautifully-prepared videos created by our instructor group covering a wide range of topics related to the wedding industry.  These videos will be available for up to a year, so you can watch them at the time most convenient to you.  You will also be invited to join us for two live webinars with our instructors so you can bring any specific questions you have related to wedding planning and design.

What if I am unavailable on certain days?
Although a new video will be released each event day, you will be able to access all of them for up to a year.  This means you can watch and re-watch the videos at your leisure and at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home or office.  The live webinars will also be recorded and available for you to watch and re-watch on your schedule.

Is this only for wedding planners and designers?
No -- the Wedding Planners' Gathering is geared toward a varied audience that includes current and aspiring wedding planners and designers, brides and grooms, and even creative entrepreneurs in other areas of the events industry.  The curriculum will cover a variety of topics that have applications for each of these groups.  Some videos will be more planning and design focused, and a few are more business focused.  That said, there will be plenty of actionable, useful information for everyone!

I'm a bride and already have a planner. How will this event benefit me?
The event will provide you with an incomparable introduction to all things wedding so you will be able to better collaborate with your planner/designer.  You will learn about the various aspects of wedding planning and design, gain valuable insights into the planning process, come away with new ideas and get fresh inspiration to create your fantastic day.  An educated client is the best client to collaborate with!

If I have specific questions for instructors, how would I get them answered?
We will be hosting two live webinars with our instructors, allowing you to get those burning questions answered.  You can either submit questions in advance, or bring them to the webinar!